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Your ancestry matters

Identifying your race and ethnicity helps us match donors to patients. We inherit the characteristics used for matching, so we are more likely to match someone from our own race and ethnicity.

Often, patients have an urgent need for a transplant. Race and ethnic information help us quickly identify the best possible donors for a patient. So, for example, if a patient is African American, we will look more closely at potential donors who are African American because they are more likely to match the patient.

We are committed to grow the best registry possible. Research shows that patients will have the best results with a younger donor. Donors ages 18 to 44 are called to donate 90% of the time.

If you are age 45 and over, there are other ways to help patients. Learn more

There are many ways to support the mission of Be The Match®:

If you are between 45 and 60 and you still want to join the registry, you will be asked to pay $100, which is tax deductible, at the end of the registration process.

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